Margaret Hendrix

Trustee (US)

Certified Financial Planner, Churchill Financial

After her first mission trip to Perú, Margaret learned she was a missionary at heart. Yearning to go beyond her generous giving, she served as chair of her church’s endowment committee and, eventually, Senior Planned Giving and Investment Officer. She found her work purposeful, but it was her leap of faith to join mission trips that deepened her sense of meaning.

Across 13 trips to Central and South America, she has helped build shelters for boys who previously lived on the streets, developed livelihood projects, and found markets for fair trade products made by the poor. Her biggest joy is that she and her husband Phil are sharing their mission journey—with all its challenges and rewards—with their children. She trusts that the care of those in need in Perú will continue with her children when she and her husband can no longer handle extensive traveling.

Margaret firmly believes HBI will continue to accomplish what no other organization can, and she aims to continue serving communities in Perú through the organization.

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