William Greenman

Secretary (Perú)

“Having the opportunity to work in partnership with HBI is a treasured experience. HBI has created a culture of people who genuinely desire to care for and support each other while also pursuing excellence and the highest standards in each of the projects that they develop.”

Billy, as he is called, hails from Michigan. His ties to Perú date back to his first trip to the country with his church youth group when he was in high school. After earning degrees in Intercultural Studies and International Community Development, he moved to Perú in 2009 and has since dedicated his career to serving vulnerable children. Billy has significant experience working within the child protection system and helping with the administration of children’s homes all over Perú. Recently, Billy received his degree in Marriage & Family Therapy to become better equipped to address the needs of children and young adults who have lived through significant relational trauma. Billy currently serves as the director of Paths of Hope – Perú, a faith-based organization that aims to provide guidance and support to youth and young adults transitioning into adulthood. In his role, he collaborates with HBI for the Girasoles program—both to come alongside the youth who are transitioning out of care and in the ongoing Center of Excellence project.

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