We equip and train healthcare professionals to better serve communities of need. We support collegial exchange around best and evidence-based practices for the development of sustainable care models.

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We are committed to the development of effective in-country partnerships among organizations, groups, and individuals who deliver services to communities of need. We help to structure sustainable community and program development for a wide range of partners.

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We connect resource to need. We work to showcase the needs of communities and draw greater attention to the plight of the underserved. We bring organizations together to share their resources and knowledge.

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We believe local, in-country healthcare providers are the best people to take care of their own communities. To this end, we always partners with local clinicians and organizations to provide evidence-based, collaborative health and human services.

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  • First Aid Training in Alto Cayma, Arequipa

    One of the main pilars of our work is to train healthcare professionals to enable them to be change agents in their own communities. To this end, we support collegial exchange around best and evidence-based practices for the development of sustainable care models. During the most recent Team Perú outreach campaign, we provided a a training […]

  • HBI Team Perú Outreach 2015

    Over the last 2 weeks an intrepid team of volunteers from around the U.S., along with Peruvian dentists, and HBI staff completed outreach projects in collaboration with our partner organizations. The Team Perú outreach campaign provided advocacy, collaboration, and service to improve the health of people living among poverty. Our first week was in the desert city of […]

  • HBI Appreciation Picnic

    What: Donor and Volunteer Appreciation Picnic When: Saturday August 8th, 12 – 4 pm Where: Wallace Park Picnic Sitse 1600 NW 25th Ave, Portland Who: You and your family and friends are invited to join us anytime throughout the day.  Please allow us this small gesture to say thank you for your time, efforts, and donations, which continue to build bridges of hope and change. […]

  • Ruth – February 2015

     Ruth – February 2015 How do you care for medically fragile children in resource poor environments where educational attainment and economic viability are very low? This is a question that Health Bridges International (HBI) has been wrestling with for years. In response to this compelling question, HBI developed The Ines Project for Medically Fragile Children. […]


The Save Program

The HBI SAVE outreach program is designed toward reaching into the poorest communities – areas where families are at greatest risk of breaking down.

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Andina Restaurant and HBI Benefit Dinner 2016 Monday and Tuesday May 9 and 10

Join Health Bridges International for our 7th Annual "A Bridge to Change Benefit Dinner" at the renowned Andina Restaurant (http://www.andinarestaurant.com) in Portland's ...

And we’re off

23 October 2014: And we’re off. Our team is back on planes flying toward a rendezvous in Lima ...