We equip and train healthcare professionals to better serve communities of need. We support collegial exchange around best and evidence-based practices for the development of sustainable care models.

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We are committed to the development of effective in-country partnerships among organizations, groups, and individuals who deliver services to communities of need. We help to structure sustainable community and program development for a wide range of partners.

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We connect resource to need. We work to showcase the needs of communities and draw greater attention to the plight of the underserved. We bring organizations together to share their resources and knowledge.

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We believe local, in-country healthcare providers are the best people to take care of their own communities. To this end, we always partners with local clinicians and organizations to provide evidence-based, collaborative health and human services.

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  • Lesssons from Liberia

    The Ebola crisis impacting Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea has a number of lessons to offer everyone working in global health. Perhaps the most important of these lessons is that of resource allocation. Much of the impact of Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF) in West Africa can be directly contributed to poor health services infrastructure. This […]

  • Changes are afoot…

    HBI is in the middle of a massive growth phase. We have seen our programs take off in 2014. With all of this growth, we are also in need of fundraising. As such, we will be reaching out to donors and critical stakeholders to help us fund our key programs. Training for doctors, nurses and […]

  • April 29, 2014: The times… they are ‘a changing!

    It is amazing how much is going on with HBI.  We have so many wonderful programs in various stages of implementation. Tonight, my last night in Lima after a whirlwind trip that included delivering six 2-hour trainings over 3-days (poor Carmen is so tired of translating for me; she did a fantastic job) to homeless […]

  • April 28, 2014: A Commitment to Change

    The past two days have been full.  We’ve conducted four trainings for service providers at a large orphanage in Lima.  The orphanage has over 250 staff and 500 children.  Many of the kids come from extremely impoverished backgrounds.  Many of the children were once living on the streets.  We are working with the orphanage, over […]


The Save Program

The HBI SAVE outreach program is designed toward reaching into the poorest communities – areas where families are at greatest risk of breaking down.

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Heading to Huaraz – October 23

As we prepare for another outreach trip to Peru – I am very mindful to the impact of ...

Lessons from Liberia

The Ebola crisis impacting Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea has a number of lessons to offer everyone working ...