We equip and train healthcare professionals to better serve communities of need. We support collegial exchange around best and evidence-based practices for the development of sustainable care models.

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We are committed to the development of effective in-country partnerships among organizations, groups, and individuals who deliver services to communities of need. We help to structure sustainable community and program development for a wide range of partners.

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We connect resource to need. We work to showcase the needs of communities and draw greater attention to the plight of the underserved. We bring organizations together to share their resources and knowledge.

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We believe local, in-country healthcare providers are the best people to take care of their own communities. To this end, we always partners with local clinicians and organizations to provide evidence-based, collaborative health and human services.

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  • Change of Plans

    27 October 2014: Without a doubt, the universal lesson of working in any transitioning and developing country is . . . be flexible. Our plan this week was to provide health outreach projects in public schools in rural and impoverished communities around the town of Yungay. We received a phone call last night (Sunday) informing…Read more Change of Plans

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Program in Trujillo, Perú

    Dr. Robert Gehringer oversees the neonatal resuscitation training and practice of healthcare providers at the Medical College of Trujillo. Mannequins, reanimation masks, training manuals, and other didactic tools are provider by our stakeholders. A suitcase full of supplies is left with each collaborating college to continue training and practicing techniques in order to save the lives…Read more Neonatal Resuscitation Program in Trujillo, Perú

  • Our Work

    26 October 2014: We’re traveling along the barren landscape of the coastal region of northern Lima. Our 10-plus hour bus ride will take us high into the Andes. Like a time capsule, the bus ride will transport us to a different place and time. The villages of the high Andes are otherworldly. They are often…Read more Our Work

  • Team-based healthcare works for kids and their families in Peru

    Pediatricians know that coordination and advocacy work. What happens, however, when we are faced with complex cases in conditions that are nontraditional and prohibitively difficult? We all have faced these situations in practice in the United States. For our team, the problem came into sharper focus while working overseas. The American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy…Read more Team-based healthcare works for kids and their families in Peru


The Save Program

The HBI SAVE outreach program is designed toward reaching into the poorest communities – areas where families are at greatest risk of breaking down.

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And we’re off

23 October 2014: And we’re off. Our team is back on planes flying toward a rendezvous in Lima ...

Heading to Huaraz – October 23

As we prepare for another outreach trip to Peru – I am very mindful to the impact of ...